007 GoldenEye Wii: Multiplayer tricks.

In 007 GoldenEye Wii there are many tricks that can be used to your advantage here are a few.

In 007 GoldenEye Wii there are many tricks that can be used to your advantage here are a few.
#1: Pickup guns you have never used before. This will help you to get your weapon proficiencies. #2: If one of the low levels use a gun often. It will reward you with bonus XP for getting so many kills with the gun. #3: Don’t overuse a gun that you have gotten VII weapon proficiency. You will not gain any extra XP for killing enemies with this anymore. #4: When a enemy is closing in for a melee attack hold down the grenade about two seconds before they reach you. When they kill you the grenade will fall to the ground and explode based on how long you were holding it. I recommend

only using this in emergencies. #5: When using the Golden Gun be sure to ADS when you shoot. It will drastically increase your accuracy. #6: In Black Box when holding the box stay behind a object to cover you from long-range fire, and also can confuse the opponent for a moment, this gives you a chance to melee them. #7: When fighting against a skilled sniper use a grenade launcher to smoke them out. Snipers can’t stand it when an explosion goes off above their heads. Also try flash-bang grenades to stun them. #7: When playing Archives a Shotgun is a good choice, but if you want to get a Point-and-Click achievement you can shoot one person with a sniper then swap to a shotgun. This can be a way to show your friends you are a great sniper. Just don’t tell them you did it on archives. #8: If you want to play sniper I recommend you use Bio-Booster and Heavy Hitter gadgets if possible. For the alternate grenade…. That’s your choice. #9: When playing heroes it is often a good idea to use Distraction, for this can slow the enemy heroes reaction time. When Zukovsky is in the field the best strategy is holding a grenade around the corner from where he is and 1 second before it explodes throw it at him, because you are likely to be shot many times by a fully automatic shotgun.
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